Next Meeting

Our next general meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 21, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time at Ojibway Nature Centre located at 5200 Matchette Road, Windsor.

This is our annual general meeting as well as our last meeting of the year. At this meeting the 2023 Financial report will be given. The Proposed Slate of Executive and Council positions for 2024 will be presented and agreed upon. I have attached the slate for your consideration. Note the position for Secretary is still vacant. If anyone wants to come forward before the AGM contact Mike michael(dot)mastronardi(at)stantec(dot)com and the Slate will be revised. And as a last chance at the AGM people can nominate themselves for a position. And if it is for a contested position there will be an election at the AGM. This meeting will not be shared on Zoom. In person only.

Steve Mastellotto will be giving a talk about his new amazing Seestar S50 telescope. Dr. Susan Sawyer-Beaulieu will be giving the Directorate of Observing report.

We are having the December Social this year. It will be on Friday December 8th, at College Boreal in Windsor. The address is 7515 Forest Glade Drive. We will have our RASC neon yellow signs near the door that is closest to the entrance where we will be celebrating. The parking lot just past the main door/entrance would be the best place to park your vehicles. Please arrive around 6:30pm. This is a potluck event. Laura Burgess laura(dot)burgess46(at)yahoo(dot)ca is the person to contact for more info and to advise what you are bringing for potluck. This is a family event and you are welcome to bring family members or a guest.

A reminder that our centre is involved in many outreach events as part of our mandate as a nonprofit organization. All these events are manned by club volunteers. The more volunteers we have available the better. It is often left to a handful of members to organize and maintain our outreach events. We need more member participation in these events. It is a great way to be more involved in the club and share your Astronomy passions with the public.

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