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Hallam Observatory open house nights are no longer available to the general public. This decision was made due to safety concerns for the large groups of people who were showing up and our limited resources to host such events.

The RASC - Windsor Centre does offer private group observing sessions to the public. The fee is $10 per person with a minimum of $60. To find out more about setting up a private observing session for your group please contact us . Please allow several weeks for your session to be scheduled.

RASC - Windsor Centre members can have exclusive access to the observatory by paying the annual access fee of $60 (plus a one-time key deposit of $10). Also, if you use the observatory site and find it of value we have a voluntary support fee of $20 that helps offset the cost of maintaining the site.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Hallam Observatory grounds are private property and no trespassing is allowed. Other than the private group observing sessions the site is closed to the public.


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